Sunil Narine Is Earning More Than All The Other Spinners Of Ipl Till Now

Sunil Narine Is Earning More Than All The Other Spinners Of Ipl Till Now: Every since the beginning of Indian Premier League, it is known as the most cash-rich leagues in the world. No other leagues can stand infront of our IPL and this is one of the reasons behind it’s success.
Indian Premier League is one of the most amazing things that has happened to the people of Indian in terms of entertainment. The IPL has all the top players from all around the world playing for their respective teams.
Now, as the 11th edition of the game has started, there have been many cricketers who have earned more than INR 50 crores in the seasons so far.
Apart from all the glamour and entertainment quotient, IPL has entertained it’s fan throughout and has gained all the attention and love of it’s fans. Sponsorship, Big marketing, and media rights deals are the reasons which invoke such huge bids for the players from their respective franchise.
According to InsideSport’s MONEYBALL– professional players’ salary calculator, there are only 2 cricketers in the complete league who are in IPL’s 50 crore club. This 50 crores club includes the names of 17 cricketers who have earned more than 50 crores in the IPL, including 13 batsmen, two genuine all-rounders, and only two bowlers.
You will be stunned but only Harbhajan Singh and Sunil Narine are the only two spinners to feature in IPL’s 50 crore club.
Apart from this, the top 50 players includes 11 players from India, 2 from South Africa, 3 from the West-Indies, and one player from Australia.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit Sharma are the two players to have entered in the 100 crore club of IPL. The others Indian cricketers included in the top 50 players of 50 crores club are: Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Robin Uthappa, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Karthik and Virat Kohli.
On the other hand, AB De Villiers is the highest earning overseas players with more than ₹69.5 crores till now.
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