Here's The Big Reason Why Cheerleaders Are Not Performing For Virat's RCB

Here’s The Big Reason Why Cheerleaders Are Not Performing For Virat’s RCB

No doubt Indian Premier League is one of the most amazing things happened to the people of India in terms of entertainment. People of India were already crazy for cricket when IPL happened. We Indians have always treated this sport as a religion and some of our cricketers as gods and demigods.

IPL became one of the most important platforms for people to showcase their talent, and not just cricketers but also for the other people involved with the match including cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders have always been an important part of every match and not just from today but from a long time back. These cheerleaders show their talent, mix their sweat and blood in hard work just to boost the morale of the players and to entertain the fans ofcourse.

However, if you have noticed the change, in this edition of Indian Premier League, Royal Challengers Bangalore doesn’t have cheerleaders performing for them. Well, this decision has a very sensible reason behind it.

Well, you will be shocked after learning the reason behind it. The decision has been taken by the head of the team, Amrit Thomas.

As per the reports by the republic it was said that the team wants to change the trend of cheerleader’s dance.This time RCB wanted to eliminate gender inequality.

After the replacement of Vijaya Mallaya with Amrit Thomas, the team decided they will not have cheerleaders performing for them.

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