Kevin Pietersen Trolled Donald Trump Badly On Twitter

Kevin Pietersen, the former English cricketer, who is known for making the lives of bowlers tough because of his thrilling batting skills. His exceptional batting skills and flamboyant attitude on and off the ground made him earn a great name in the T20 format.

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Lately he has been making a lot of news lately.These days he is very active on his social media, especially twitter. He has been making a lot of news because of his offbeat tweets on everything. From sports to politics to promoting wild life awareness, he tweets a lot and every tweet of his never fails to catch eyes.


Recently, he made another tweet and this time the tweet was regarding Donald Trump. His tweet was for Piers Morgan who is a popular journalist known for always defending and backing Donald Trump.

In his tweet, KP requested Piers Morgan to let Orange Prick (Donald Trump) fight his own battles and to not fight his battles. Here’s what he tweeted:

The tweet read:
Piers, please stop defending that orange prick! Let him fight his own battles! Article after article, tweet after tweet! It’s so annoying & you’re better than this”


It all started when Donald Trump severely slammed James Comey, an American lawyer. Since then Morgan has been publishing a lot of articles and tweets one after other. Therefore, KP took to twitter to request him.

However, Morgan is fixed on his decision. Here’s what he said:

The tweet read:

“Mate, you of all people should know I like defending pricks when I think it’s justified.”,

Well, we really wish everything gets sorted out really fast.