Manoj Tiwary’s Funny Memes Have Gone Viral On Social Media

Manoj Tiwary’s Funny Memes Have Gone Viral On Social Media: The match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab, however failed to be one thrilling match but proved itself to be a very entertaining match of the ongoing league.The match was won by Sunrisers Hyderabad who defended their target run of 132 very well and won by beating KXIP by 13 runs.
In the last night’s match something happened which caught everyone’s eye and people have made a big deal out of it. Last night, we got to see an awkward or to put it in better words abnormal bowling actions of KXIP’s player Manoj Tiwary which stole all the limelight.
Manoj Tiwary, who used to be an effective leg spinner, is getting trolled for his weird bowling action from the match that happened last night. From making jokes to memes, people are trolling Manoj Tiwary severely.
However, he only bowled a single over in the last night’s match but it was enough for the netizians to make him go viral on the internet.
Now, while surfing down the internet, we found some hilarious memes related to Manoj Tiwary’s awkward actions. The memes are so hilarious that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you. In the memes, Tiwary can be seen in his awkward position in various ‘famous’ situations.
Here, have a look at those memes:
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