Meet The Four Insane Superfans Of Our Favorite Cricketers

Cricket in India is way beyond just a sport. It is something that connects and unites people of India. Cricket is a religion and people follow this religion wholeheartedly. Like every other religion, cricket too has it’s own gods and demigods for whom fans can go to any extent.
Our cricketers have billions of fans but today, we will introduce you to four superfans of our cricketers. These super fans can go to any extent to show their love for their favorite stars. Have a look at four super fans of our cricketers:
1.Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary :
Who doesn’t know him? The crazy fan of Sachin Tendulkar, painted in tricolor. He believes that he is the biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar. His dedication and love towards the sport and Sachin hasn’t got wasted, apart from earning respect of entire nation, Sudhir got a ticket to all the home ground matches sponsored by the BCCI. And the biggest achievement was that he even made his way to Sachin’s biopic as well.
2. N Sarvanan:
N Sarvanan is a huge fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his IPL team Chennai Super Kings, he has never missed any match of Chennai Super Kings that take place at the home ground. The superfan has his upper body painted in yellow with “Dhoni” written over it in bold letters. For your information the most surprising fact about this superfan is, the team CSK approached him and offered him free tickets for all the matches but this fan refused to them and kept waiting for 12 hours to buy the tickets.
3. Prince Badonia :
The superfan of Virat Kohli actually looks like him. Virat himself was stunned after watching his doppelganger sitting in the stadium during a match. The superfan was bought in limelight by the very talented cameramen, who couldn’t stop themselves from comparing the two. Well, he never misses any RCB match.
4. Shankar Geetha :
The superfan of Shikhar Dhawan has got Dhawan inked on his arm. Even his instagram account is dedicated to Shikhar Dhawan. He calls Shikhar Dhawan as ‘God’. Shikhar Dhawan has met his superfan many times.
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Unnati Madan

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