Mohammed Shami’s Wife Has Come Up With Another Big Allegation

Mohammad Shammi has been surrounded by a lot of controversies since a long time now. Over all this time, the controversial case has got many twists and turns to it which made it uglier.

She has made many allegations on the cricketer, right from accusing him for having extra-marital affairs to accusing him for attempting to murder and to accusing him for match fixing. She left no stone unturned to make the life of the cricketer a mess.


However, Mohammad Shammi was given clear chit for having no involvement in match-fixing. But this didn’t stopped his wife from putting more allegations on him. Recently. she shocked everyone when she revealed that Shammi was planning to rape her and leave her in the forests.

Now, she has made yet another shocking revelation, Mohammad Shami’s wife has now imposed another major allegation that Shammi has used fake birth certificate in the past to get placed in the under-22 team of Bengal. Recently, Shammi was investigated for more than 3 hours by Kolkata Police and was later released.


Shammi’s wife is trying her best to screw his career. Hasin Jahan took to facebook, recently, and posted a picture of his driving license and according to that license, the birth year of Shammi is 1982.


She claims, that Shammi’s age as per the official reports is 28, which is fake. She has claimed that Shammi has fooled BCCI and  the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).

Currently, he is playing for his IPL team, Delhi Daredevils.James Hope, the bowling coach of Delhi Daredevils also feels that his personal issues are effecting his game. He said:

“I think he has got some personal stuff going on. And it’s tough to concentrate on the job sometimes. Players try to use cricket as a release. Everywhere you have to sort out your off-field stuffs before you start performing on the field. He is in the process of doing that and it obviously is going to take some time,”

Well, we really wish that Shammi concentrates on his game and all this ends really soon.

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