Ravindra Jadeja Opens Up About The Shoe Flinging Done By Chennai Fans On Him

Chennai Super Kings had the most memorable match on the home ground at Chepauk Stadium. The stadium was filled with the huge crowd who came their to witness the most thrilling match of the tournament between the two most loved teams of IPL.


Chennai Super Kings won the match against Kolkata Knight Riders by 5 wickets.The match that happened last night was undoubtedly the most interesting match by far. The crowd was going crazy in excitement but something happened amidst the first innings which shocked everyone. Some people ended up bringing tension and a moment of shock for everyone.

As there were protests going on in the state of Tamil Nadu, some protesters made their way into the stadium as well and a case of shoe flinging was witnessed in the stadium.


During the first innings when KKR was batting, many protesters were seen carrying the red flag to mark their protesters but what happened next angered everyone present at the ground.


One of the protesters lost his cool and flung his shoe at the cricketers from the F Upper stand at the venue to the ground. One of the shoes hurdled upto the ground near Ravindra Jadeja , who was present at the border doing fielding at that time.Also, Faf Du Plessis and Lungi Ngidi were very near when the shoe flung to the ground.

However, the police got the caught of those culprits and arrested them instantly.

Now Ravindra Jadeja has finally opened up about the shameful act done by the protestors. He took to twitter to express his feeling on the matter. Here’s what he tweeted:

The tweet read:
“Still we have a lots of love and care for our csk fans.”

Well, this tweet of him proves he has a big heart which is filled with love for the fans. His tweet has been winning hearts.

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