Shikhar Dhawan Severely Slammed Shahid Afridi For His Insensitive Tweet Regarding India

Undoubtedly, Kashmir has always been a part of India but however, when Shahid Afridi recently, called Kashmir as ‘Indian Occupied State’ and backed the terrorists by calling them as ‘innocent’ it angered the complete nation.


Here’s what Shahid Afridi tweeted:

Everyone was stunned how a top player can utter such things and that too about the most sensitive political issue which has been going on between the two countries since decades.


Shahid Afridi has been receiving a lot of criticism and hatred for his insensitive tweet. From general people to the top cricketers of the world, everyone has raised their voices on the issue.



Earlier Suresh Raina, Gautam Gambhir, Mohammad Kaif, everyone took to twitter and bashed Shahid Afridi. Recently, Shikhar Dhawan has also taken to twitter and has openly voiced his opinions on this issue. With a single tweet, Shikhar Dhawan has Beverly bashed Shahid Afridi.

Here’s what Shikhar Dhawan tweeted:

The tweet read:
Pehle khudke desh ki haalat sudharo. Apni soch apne paas rakho. Apne desh ka joh hum kar rahe hai woh acha hi hai aur aage jo karna hai woh humein ache se pata hai. Zyaada dimaag mat lagao @SAfridiOfficial”

Here’s the translation of the tweet:

First of all, improve the condition of your own country and keep your thoughts to yourself. Whatever we are doing is good for our nation and we are well aware of whatever we are going to do. Therefore, don’t use your brains in our matters”


Meanwhile, Shikhar Dhawan is all set to rock the upcoming season of Indian Premier League with his power-packed performance. Fans are waiting anxiously for their favorite ‘Gabbar’ to roar on the-field.

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