Watch: KKR’s Nitish Rana Gave An Angry Send Off To Virat Kohli

The best thing about watching Royal Challengers Bangalore play is watching the two greatest players, Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers playing with each other. All thanks to Indian Premier League, the fans of both the cricketers gets to see both of them together. The sight of watching them play together send shiver down the spine.


But when both of them are playing together, it becomes a very tough challenge for the bowlers to face both of them. And today the tough task was given to Nitesh Rana faced the herculean task in the just concluded match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore.


AB De Villiers was already on the score of 38 runs in 22 balls including 4 sixes. However, the over ended with the bad note for Nitesh Rana as AB De Villiers smashed another big 6.

However, it was Nitesh Rana who had the last laugh as AB De Villiers mistook the very next ball and the best was yet to come and what happened was very unexpected.


Nitesh Rana dismissed Virat Kohli on the very next ball. The moment was huge and it was time for wild celebrations for Rana and he couldn’t control his emotions and ended up swearing in excitement, giving Virat Kohli send-off.

Here’s a small clipping that has caught the wild moment of Rana, have a look:


Well, this is a new thing for the fans of Virat Kohli as it is always Virat Kohli who is caught having his ‘wild moments’ and giving send-offs to others.

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