Watch: This Fan Changing His Jersey From Mumbai Indians To Chennai Super Kings, As Dhoni Enters The Ground

Watch: This Fan Changing His Jersey From Mumbai Indians To Chennai Super Kings, As Dhoni Enters The Ground

After all the hype and excitement, Indian Premier League kick started last night with a bang. People of India, once again proved that cricket isn’t just a sport in this country, it’s a religion, and Indian Premier League is no less than any festival.

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People are crazy for cricket and cricketers. Cricketers of no other country receive this much love and respect, the way our Indian cricketers get.

We all have our own favorite teams in Indian Premier League. Most of us support our local teams but however, we all have our favorite players in every team and sometimes it gets very tough to choose a team to support.

It isn’t that easy to choose a single team from 8 great teams which have all the top players of the world. Every team has got brilliant cricketers in them. Therefore, the fans ends up supporting more than one team.

But the situation gets more challenging when two of our favorite teams are playing against each other, it gets really tough for the fans to support a single team.

The same thing happened yesterday. The opening match was between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. What an absolute wonderful opening to a great tournament ahead. The match was worth all the excitement and wait. Both of the teams are everyone’s favorite and both of them delivered great performances. The match was a very tough one.

But it was even more tough for the fans to choose their favorite among the two. However, in the huge crowd present at the ground, there was a fan who had a brilliant solution for this challenge.

The fan was supporting his local team, Mumbai Indians, by wearing the blue jersey and cheering at the top of his voice however, as soon as Dhoni walked on to the ground, the fan changed his jersey to yellow one very quickly and started cheering for Dhoni.

Here have a look at the awesome video:


Well, this is the reason why we our Indian Premier League is the greatest league in the world. This fan proves that no matter which team you support you can’t stop yourself from cheering up for MAHI. 

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