5 Bizarre Mistakes By The Umpires In The IPL 2018

The finals of Indian Premier League are just a few days away. However, throughout the tournament the performance of the umpires haven’t been up to scratch. As the tournaments have passed the number of mistakes has increased. The Decision Review System (DRS) which was earlier used very rarely by the players, has come to the rescue to the players.

A lot of decisions were reversed in the tournament courtesy to the newly adopted technology and the replays, which have actually caused all the blunders. In the ongoing season, there were several errors from the umpires end out of which we present you the top five errors, have a look:

  1. Rishabh Pant LBW :

In the last match that Delhi Daredevils played against Mumbai Indians, the players of Mumbai Indians were at the receiving end of the result of poor umpiring. This happened in the second ball of 16th over, when Hardik delivered a full pitch delivery to Rishabh Pant, which anyhow struck Rishabh Pant’s pads. When Hardik Pandya appealed for the same, the umpire raised his finger in obligation.

However, Rishabh Pant didn’t wasted a moment and appealed for DRS. In the review, it was clear that the ball pitched was outside the leg-stump. Thus, the decision was revearsed and he added eight more runs, before he was finally dismissed by Krunal Pandya.

2. Kane Williamson- Waist Height Full Toss:

This happened in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad, in the second ball of the of the 16th over, when Shardul Thakur bowled a full-toss and Kane Williamson could only manage a single run after pulling the shot to some square feet. However, the delivery looked suspicious to Kane Williamson who then asked for DRS.

In the review it was clear that the ball was waist height full toss, i.e above the waist line, however, earlier no objections were raised by Vineet Kulkarni- the on-field umpire to Kane Williamson. Eventually, Kane Williamson denied an extra delivery and a free-hit thereafter.

It could have been a game changing decision as the team lost the match by 4 runs.

3. Tom Curran – No Ball :

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It happened in the match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, when we got to see another poor display of umpiring. In the 16th over, Tom Curran’s delivery was announced as a no-ball. However, the decision somehow irked the KKR’s players. Dinesh Karthik, the skipper of KKR, then reached to the umpire to have a word with him and asked him to review the decision.

In the replays it was clear that Curran’s left foot landed inside the bowling crease and slid quite a few extents and ended outside the crease but the umpire didn’t noticed this and declared the ball as no-ball. The extra-delivery then went for a single.

The umpire was later on the receiving end of the fair amount of flak on social media.

4. Shane Watson LBW :

This happened in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils, and at the very first ball of the match. The ball was an in-swing delivered by Trent Boult, which seemed to have caught Shane Watson plumb in front. When appealed by the players of Delhi Daredevils, the umpire declared him out.

However, Shane Watson went for DRS where he was asked to stay after the third umpires check the replay from every angle. However, the DRS costed DD a match as Shane Watson then went on to score 78 runs off 40 balls with four boundaries and seven sixes.

5. Wrong Replay:

This one was a bizarre mistake from the technical end when the wrong review was played. It happened in the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, when Jasprit Bumrah went on to take the wicket of Umesh Yadav. However, the umpires had a doubt thus they reached out to the third umpires to check the legitimacy of the delivery.

In the replay it was clearly shown that Bumrah’s foot was correctly place, however, it was later found out that mistakenly the review was played for the previous ball when Yadav was standing at the non-striker’s end. This created a lot of buzz on social media. The fans of the game started trolling and shaming the management.

That’s all for now. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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