5 Reasons Why We Have Found The ‘Second Dhoni’ Of Indian Cricket

MS Dhoni is one of the best finishers in the history of One Day International (ODI) cricket. He has own technique and way of doing things but his biggest strength is the ‘cool, calm and composed’ head over his shoulders.


Similarly, there is one more cricketer in India, who is very cool, calm and composed, and he is also a very good finisher. We are talking Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who is, arguably, the best finisher in India ‘with the ball’.

In this post, we will mention have mentioned 5 reasons why Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the ‘second Dhoni’ of Indian cricket. Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

1) Doesn’t show too many emotions


Bhuvneshwar Kumar, just like his former captain MS Dhoni, plays the game without showing too many emotions. Despite being a fast bowler, Bhuvi never indulges in any kind of banter or sledging on the field. You just can’t tell what is going on in Bhuvi’s head by looking at his facial expressions.

2) Cool, Calm and Composed 

bhuvneshwar kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar always remains very cool, calm and composed in the middle. He doesn’t let pressure get better off him. It can be easily said that he is the most cool cricketer in India after MS Dhoni. In his career so far, Bhuvi has not been involved in any controversy on or off the field.

3) Keeps things simple 

bhuvneshwar kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, just like MS Dhoni, doesn’t experiment too much in the middle. He keeps things very simple and is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Over the years, we have seen MS Dhoni pull off some of the most unbelievable chases but he doesn’t experiment too much with his shots. It is very rare that we see Dhoni playing a scoop or reverse-hit, and Bhuvi is very much like him and he also keeps things simple and as per the plan.

4) Multi dimensional 

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Over the years, we have seen Dhoni do magic with his bat and wicketkeeping gloves. It is very difficult to keep him away from the action for too long. In fact, he also doesn’t mind dropping the gloves and roll his arms over. Similarly, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is also a multi dimensional cricketer and he keeps contributing with his bat and he is a very good fielder, too.

5) He has won fans’ trust 

dhoni bhuvi

When MS Dhoni is in the middle and chasing a total, there is a very strong belief among fans that he will do the job and win the match for his team. Similarly, when Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball in death overs, fans believe in him and back him to do the job, more often than not.

Winning fans’ trust is one of the biggest achievements for any sportsperson.

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