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An Open Letter To All The People Who Trolled MS Dhoni

To, all the trollers and cricket pundits :

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Mahi, the man who raises the heartbeats of millions of people, everytime he enters the ground, must have made your heart skip a beat too. Throughout his career his thrilling performances has kept everyone on the edge of their seats and made the whole country proud, he must have made your jaw drop too with his stunning performance.He is the same man who waked up the fan of cricket back again which fell asleep for sometime when the top players were not performing well.

dhoni 183 sri lanka 2005


Be it his captaincy or his brilliant batting skills or his exceptional ‘bulls-eye’ wicket keeping or his as cool as cucumber attitude, he has never failed to win everyone’s heart with his personality.

While your favorite players are famous for their flamboyant attitude, MS Dhoni is one among those few players who are famous for their simplicity. Agree or not but the way he absorbs all the pressure and still remains calm till the last ball isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


You might not agree but the facts will not change that he is one of the greatest captains in the History of this game in India. Throughout all his career, he has emerged out to be the best finisher in One Day International cricket history. I mean, the match is incomplete without MS Dhoni hitting his famous ‘winning-six’ at the end of the match. If his thrilling performance is a dark forest cake, then that winning six by him is like the cherry on top.


However, some cricket pundits and trollers like you believed that MS Dhoni has lost all that glitter that used to make everyone go crazy for him. They believed as he is ageing he has lost his charm from the game.

From trolling his performance to shaming him on social media, you left no stone unturned to pull him down. You celebrated his defeat more than you celebrated the victory of your favorite player.

Before the league started many people predicted that this league will end his career but as the league started, Mahendra Singh Dhoni turned back the clock and returned back as the vintage Dhoni. He shut the mouth of all the trollers and haters with his thrilling performances.

He replied to all the haters in the coolest way possible, with his bat. His devastating shots were like a tight slap on the faces of all you trollers.

The league has already reached the mid-way and all thanks to his brilliant captaincy and efforts the team is sitting at top of the scorecharts leaving all your favorite players and teams way behind in the league.

source: The Quint

source: The Quint

Not just this, he is the one of the four players who have breached the 300 run mark in the ongoing league. He has scored 286 runs in IPL 2018 so far and has set the records for most runs by an IPL captain.

So, haters and all the cricket pundits, your prediction turned out to be miserably wrong and you know what, this is just the starting. So, just hold back your seats tightly as this was just the trailer and the complete movie is yet to start and he is all set to make everyone sit on the edge of their seats once again.


For those who were trolling him by calling him ‘an injured lion’, then just don’t forget that “The injured lion is the most dangerous one”.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni..03

The world cup is just around the corner, will see you there haters!!!!

Peace Out.


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