Harbhajan Singh And Suresh Raina Had A Big Fight But All Is Well Now

Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina have played a lot of cricket together for India, but these days they are sharing the dressing room for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the ongoing season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2018).

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Suresh Raina, who has been a very important member of CSK right from the first season. Harbhajan Singh, who played for Mumbai Indians for the first ten seasons, was picked by CSK in IPL 2018 auctions for his experience.

Recently, Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina sat together for the very first episode of ‘Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK’. Harbhajan Singh, who is a very entertaining man on and off the field, has become a talk show host with launch of ‘Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK and will interview some of the best players on his show.

Bhajji and Raina spoke very candidly with each other and entrained the views. They also fought over the no. 3 jersey. Both have worn the no. 3 jersey for India. Later, Raina also explained why he prefers to wear number ‘3’ on his back.



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Harbhajan Singh also revealed that he and Raina have lot more in common than the jersey. They are both nicknamed Sonu.

Harbhajan Singh revealed that he will interview many players from the CSK squad and try to bring out all the best unknown and personal stories from the lives of cricketers.  

“Whenever interviewed, most cricketing stars appear very graceful and poised, but anyone who’s been anywhere near a dressing room knows how far from reality that actually is,” Harbhajan said. 

“Pranks and wisecracks are a part and parcel of their interactions with each other. This unseen facet is what I want to bring to Indian audiences through Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK,” he added.

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