Hardik Pandya Wants To Give Choke-Slam To This Player Of Mumbai Indians Team

The all-rounder of Indian cricket team, Hardik Pandya has become a crucial player of Indian cricket team and also for his IPL franchise, Mumbai Indians. He has been a versatile player for both the teams in all the three formats of the game. He rose to fame and has earned a lot of name because of his consistent performances since the day he started.

Before the start of the league in the auctions, he was retained by the team Mumbai Indians. He was among the three players which were kept on hold by the team. Hardik’s brother Krunal Pandya was one among the three.

Krunal Pandya has also been a very important player of the team. In the ongoing league and in the previous leagues as well, he has given many amazing performances.Pandya brothers have taken over the previous IPL seasons by storm. Both of them have delivered amazing performances. Hardik and Krunal both of them impressed one and all with their performances

Recently, Hardik Pandya gave a very candid interview, in which he opened up about his childhood mischiefs and his relationship with brother Krunal Pandya.

Hardik narrated an incident from his childhood which revealed how naughty he was in his childhood. He said:

“When I was 11, I used to colour my hair. And when I came home, my mom will scold me but still I would do it again. I made stupid excuses to my coach. If the coach asked me what happened, I would say that, I had gone for a haircut and some colour fell and got on me accidentally. So yes, I was very naughty, I got into several fights, I never made friends,”

Krunal and Hardik both of them share a very unique and deep bond with each other. Their brotherly love makes all of us go in ‘awe’ of both of them. Revealing a few moments from his childhood with his brother, he said:

“I even troubled Krunal a lot. Because of me, Krunal never had friends either because if one brother picks a fight, the other is forced to fight as well. So he lost many friends. Krunal and I used to play WWE. We broke many beds. I would Choke-Slam and Rock-Bottom him and many other WWE moves,” 

The complete interview was shared by the Mumbai Indians official twitter handle, watch it here:

Well, off-field or on-field, Pandya brothers never fails to give us some serious sibling goals.

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