Here’s Why Sachin Tendulkar’s Wife Avoided Watching Matches In Stadiums

The Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar has now retired from the game of cricket but his contribution to the game has been immense. Throughout his career, he completely changed the face of this game in India. If cricket is treated as a religion in India, then Sachin Tendulkar is the God of that religion.


Recently, Sachin Tendulkar was at Gaurav Kapur’s famous talk show ‘Breakfast With Champions’, where he revealed many several things related to his professional and personal life.

Amidst the show, Sachin revealed that his wife never attended any of his match. Well, this question has been asked to him a lot of times and at a lot of occasions. While the wags of our cricketers are often seen at the stands cheering for their teams, Sachin’s wife Anjali was never spotted on the stands.

Well, the reason that Sachin revealed is a bit superstitious. He recalled an incident when all the wives of other cricketers asked Anjali to company them to the stadium and she refused saying that she is superstitious. Also, Sachin himself didn’t like his family coming to the stadium because that would distract his focus. He said that Anjali told him that she doesn’t want to come.

Then the wives of other cricketers came with a masterplan, they said that they will hide her from getting notices. Anjali then agreed to visit the stands.

Sachin Tendulkar then revealed that the match was the Boxing Day Test Match. Brett Lee was bowling and Sachin got ‘caught out’ in the first ball. That was the moment when Anjali stood up and suddenly went off the stadium.

Anjali then never came to attend his match after that day.She only arrived stadium to watch Sachin play again during his last Test Match.

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