Police Misbehaved With The Wife Of Famous CSK Cricketer

While Ravindra Jadeja is busy in preparing himself for the playoffs, on the other hand, his wife Riva Solanki has put herself in a trouble and has been assaulted by a police constable.

According to some news, his wife had met with an accident and her car hit the bike of a cop followed by which she was assaulted by a police constable. The police officer got down from his bike and physically assaulted the wife of India’s all-rounder player, Ravindra Jadeja.

Source : The Quint

Source : The Quint

The witnesses claimed that the accident was a minor one but it was Police constable who behaved violently as he pulled Riva’s hair and slapped her twice on her face and also smashed her face on the windshield. After the incident, Riva Solanki was rushed to the hospital where Jamnagar’s Superintendent took her statement.

The Superintendent of Jamnagar police station said:

Yes, cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife was attacked by a policeman. Sanjay Kurangiya, a police constable with Jamnagar police was coming out of the headquarters, whose gate opens on the road side. Reeva was in her four-wheeler. They had a little altercation, after which the policeman physically attacked Reeva. She suffered small bruises. Nothing serious. So she registered a police complaint. The policeman was arrested on the spot.”


Talking about Ravindra Jadeja, he is currently busy in preparing for the playoffs as his team has a big match ahead tonight against the Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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