These 7 Indian And Pakistani Cricketers Have Been Married More Than Once


Cricket is way beyond just a game for we Indians and for Pakistanis as well. We as fans love our cricketers and want to know everything about them. Today, in this article we bring you 7 cricketers, from India and Pakistan who married twice, after being unlucky in love for the first time. Have a look:



Imran Khan, Pakistani cricketer turned Politician got lucky in love at second chance. At first, he married Jemima Goldsmith, in a quick 2-minute wedding ceremony in Paris, however, she divorced him as soon as the couple came back to Pakistan as Jemima wasn’t able to adjust with the lifestyle and conditions of Pakistan.

Later, he found his love in t a British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan. The couple got married in a private nikah in the year 2015.

2. Wasim Akram:


The legendary Pakistani player, Wasim Akram got married to psychologist Huma Mufti in 1995 but unfortunately she died due to organ failures in the year 2009. Later, he found his love in Shaniera Thompson, a former public relations consultant.

3. Mohammad Azharuddin:


Mohammad Azharuddin was already married to Naureen, when he got involved in a relationship with Bollywood actress Sangeeta Bijlani who got married in the year 1996 after the divorce of Azharuddin with his first wife. The cricketer had two sons with his former wife namely Ayaz and Asad.

4. Vinod Kambli:


Vinod Kambli, the Indian cricketer who had a very controversial career. Initially he married to his childhood friend Noella Lewis in the year 1998. However, their marriage didn’t go well and he got involved in extra-marital affair with former model Andrea Hewitt. Soon he divorced his first wife and married Andrea in a court marriage.

5. Yograj Singh:


The former cricketer, Yograj Singh who is also a Punjabi actor and a politician now. Initially he got married to Shabnam, the daughter of a well known businessman. However, the marriage didn’t lasted for long as Shabnam wanted to be independent and pursue her career while, Yograj wanted her to be a housewife. Yuvraj Singh is the son of Shabnam and Yograj Singh.

Later, Yograj married to Satveer Kaur. The couple have a son and a daughter together.

6. Dinesh Karthik:


Yes, Dinesh Karthik got married twice. His love life became very complicated when his first wife Nikita and cricketer Murali Vijay started a secret affair behind Dinesh’s back. The news of Nikita’s extra marital affair spread like fire in the media, following which Dinesh Karthik divorced her. Later it was found that she was pregnant with Murali Vijay’s son.

Soon, after the divorce, Murali Vijay and Nikita married each other. Dinesh is now happily married to the famous squash player of India, Dipika Pallikal, the couple got married in the year 2015.

7. Shoaib Malik:


Shoaib Malik is currently married to Indian’s pride Sania Mirza. But earlier a girl reached out to Police and filed a case against Shoaib Malik and claimed that she was married to Shoaib Malik. Later, for settlement Shoaib had to give her divorce formally.

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