Virat Kohli Reveals Why He Could Not Cry After India Won The World Cup

Virat Kohli is arguably the best batsman in the world right now.Today, he is considered among the top sportsmen of the world right now. He is one of the most preferred choice of all the leading brands.


However, the journey wasn’t that easy. There has been a lot of struggle, dedication, hard work and ups-and-downs he has gone through.

April 2nd, 2011 the date which is still afresh in everyone’s mind. The date has been written in golden colours in Indian cricket history. This was the when finally the wait of 28 years came to an end. India, the country where cricket is considered as religion, brought the World Cup 2011 back home after 28 years.

MS Dhoni led Indian cricket team won the match beating Sri Lanka to win the match. He remained unbeaten at the score of 91 runs in that match and who can forget that stunning winning sixer by him. Apart from him,Gautam Gambhir gave brilliant performance and scored 97 runs in that match.


As soon as Dhoni smashed the winning six, a wave of happiness went through the whole country and everyone was left with tears of joy. Even our cricketing legends, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh were having tears in their eyes.

However, there was one cricketer who was only busy in celebrating and was not able to connect with all the other cricketers. Yes, we are talking about Virat Kohli.


During a recent interview, Virat Kohli revealed the emotions he felt during that time. He revealed he could not find the emotional connect as it was his first world cup. He said:

Honestly, I was not as emotional as the other guys because it was my first World Cup. I saw the emotions in the guy who had not won it in five attempts, Sachin Tendulkar. Bhajji, Yuvi, Zak, everyone was emotional. MS was emotional because he led his idols to a World Cup win. I didn’t have any of those emotions. I tried to cry but couldn’t. After an hour an hour, there was the only celebration all around”

Well, the World Cup is just around the corner and will happen next year, we just can’t wait for it.

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