Watch: Hardik Pandya’s ‘Bullet Shot’ Almost Takes The Umpire Along

Hardik Pandya had a bad start to the league, first because of his injury and then because of him not being able to score big numbers. He was even trolled for his batting on the social media from the fans of Mumbai Indians, that were left heartbroken after the contineous defeats of the team.


However, in the match that was played between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals on Sunday, Hardik Pandya gave us a moment to remember and laugh at, all at once. In the match, Hardik Pandya stuck a powerful straight drive which almost killed the umpire, Rod Tucker, who had to duck in order to save himself.


This all happened in the third ball of the 19th over in the first innings, when Mumbai Indians were playing it’s innings and Hardik Pandya was on strike. However, Hardik Pandya didn’t score that much in the match, and he only smashed a four in the match, but that single shot came with a speed of bullet which nearly killed the umpire.


The ball was delivered by Jofra Archer which was smacked straight back past the bowler for four by Hardik Pandya. It was hit with so much power and speed, that umpire had to dive and duck or he would have been struck brutally.

Even the commentators couldn’t stop themselves by this act of the umpire and praised him for his presence of mind.

In case you missed that stunning bullet-shot video, have a look:

What a stunning shot by Kung-fu Pandya! And hats off to the presence of mind of the umpire.

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