Watch: Rohit Sharma Looses His Cool And Punishes These Three Players Of MI

Watch: Rohit Sharma Looses His Cool And Punishes These Three Players Of MI

The ongoing league has become no less than a nightmare for the team Mumbai Indians. The team is struggling to hold on to the trophy as they have only won 2 matches out of the 8 they have played. The three time winning team is currently sitting at the second last position of the scorecard.

There are alot of chances that they will be knocked out of the tournament very soon. The franchise has been making a lot of efforts on the players by providing them with offbeat gym sessions, so that they will remain fit and in form during the matches.

The fun fact is the player who will be late for the gym sessions is made to wear the emoji’s kit of MI team. The kit includes very funny emoji’s of our cricketers which looks hilarious on them. This is one of the most funniest punishments our Mumbai Indians squads have to go through.

The first players who got punished recently were Ishan Kishan, Anukul Roy and Rahul Chahar as all three of them reached very late to the sessions. A video has caught everyone’s attention, which was uploaded by the official Mumbai Indians page. In the video these three cricketers are made to wear the jumpsuits and are made to admit their mistakes.

Ishan Kishan, the young keeper of the team, said: “I was told about it two days earlier, but I completely forgot. So, I missed my gym session,” 

Rahul Chahar gave a full insight as to why he was late, he said:  “Whoever is late will have to wear this special kit. I was late to the physio room. In fact, I never reached. That’s why I have been punished. On the last, we were told to wear jeans, but I wore my tracks. When it comes to punctuality, I am always 10 minutes early.”

Here’s the video which has caught everyone’s attention, have a look:

Hilarious isn’t it? They are looking so funny yet cute in those jumpsuits.

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