Rohit Sharma Wanted To Punch This Top Indian Cricketer

Playing together for a team always deepens the friendship among the cricketers.The players of our Indian cricket team are known for the great bonding they share with each other.

Recently, Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane were guests on the talk show, What The Duck, where they revealed many candid moments and got an opportunity to mock another popular Indian cricketer.

Narrating a safari memory, Rohit Sharma revealed how he felt like punching a very popular Indian cricketer because of how he got everyone including himself in trouble.

Well, that cricketer is none other than Ravindra Jadeja. Rohit Sharma revealed that once during the tour of South Africa, they experienced something they can never forget.

Ajinkya Rahane reflected back in time and told that they had seen two cheetahs catch hold of prey. Soon, the cheetahs realized they were being watched by the cricketers. Here’s what he said:

“I remember many things during Safari and we had lots of fun. But one incident that took place was Cheetah walking. So, we thought that cheetah walking meant that we would be walking behind 2-3 cheetahs but we were actually in the jungle and we didn’t know what was around us. When we -me, Radhika (Rahane’s wife), Ritika (Rohit’s wife), Rohit and Jadeja – reached the centre of the jungle, there were two cheetahs who had just caught a prey. And when all of us reached there, they turned around and looked at us,”

Talking about the same note, Rohit Sharma revealed that it was Ravindra Jadeja because of whom, the cheetahs were staring at them. Ravindra Jadeja was making weird noises to get the attention of the animals. He said:

It was because of Jadeja; he was making some weird noises and calling them. And we said, ‘what are you doing! We are in a jungle.’ And if they get to know we are there, they will make us their prey. But I think it was our lives’ best experience because you don’t get a chance to roam around in the jungle like this, especially seeing two cheetahs who have just hunted eating their meal. So, we were watching them from behind and Jadeja started making noise,”

He added:

The moment Jadeja started making noises, those cheetahs turned around to look at us. At that time, only I know what was going through my mind. I looked at Jadeja angrily and I felt like punching him but then I thought that it is necessary to stay calm now,”

Ajinkya Rahane revealed how their wives emerged out to be stronger than them throughout the safari.

What a scary experience it was.

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