A Fan Asked Sakshi Dhoni How Does She Feels When MS Dhoni Hits A Helicopted Shot.


Sakshi Dhoni, the wife of MS Dhoni, is very active on social media unlike her husband. She keeps her fans updated about her whereabouts through her cute pictures and videos. She also posts adorable videos and pictures of Ziva Dhoni, which keeps her fans anticipated about her posts.

Recently, a new feature was introduced on Instagram where fans can ask questions from anyone. Sakshi Dhoni also hosted a ‘ask me questions’ on Instagram where her fans asked her many amazing question. As soon as she started the session, the fans flooded her with many questions about her personal life and her family.

Here, have a look at some of the questions she answered :

  1. When a fan asked her if she has adapted her celeb life? Here’s what she answered :


2. Fans were very curious about Ziva Dhoni :

Screenshot_20180712_035826 Screenshot_20180712_035758

3. When a fan asked her if she plays cricket too:Screenshot_20180712_035823

4. As a wife or a mother?


5. What a question :


6. who is more difficult to handle Mahi or Ziva :


7. One thing that keeps her motivated :Screenshot_20180712_035738

8. First impression on MS Dhoni :


9. When a fan asked her about where she is living :


10. When a fan asked her if she likes Chennai :


11. When a fan asked her how does she feels when MS Dhoni hits a finishing shot, here’s what she answered :



Well, looking at her questions, we can surely say that she is a complete package of beauty and brains.

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