A Fan Gifted MS Dhoni Tea Cans, Dhoni’s Reactions Will Make You Laugh


MS Dhoni, is one of the most loved and respected cricketer around the world. Apart from his brilliant captaincy and batting skills, his humble personality and cool as cucumber nature has earned him huge respect and love from his millions of fans, who treat him as their demigod.

While many fans dream of spending a few moments with their favorite cricketer, a fan got lucky to share a few precious moments with MS Dhoni. A fan of MS Dhoni has narrated a very cute story, when he first met MS Dhoni and gifted him a couple of special Tea cans.

Well, the incident happened recently on Dhoni’s birthday, when this fan, Pranav got to spend a few moments with the cricketer. He narrated :

“On the first day, he was practising at the National Cricket Academy. I met him after that and we casually spoke for a little while about his birthday for around five to 10 minutes. I got a couple of photographs,” 

He added :

“When he was on his way back to his hotel, I met him. I told him that there were only three weeks left. He replied Kai ke liye (what for). I said it’s ‘someone’s birthday’. He then said chal hat, ek saal aurbuddha (one more year older). The people near me heard this and started laughing,”

MS Dhoni also mocked him when he gifted him the tea cans. The fan told :

“When he saw me with the cans, he said, ab chai ke badle pachas autograph lega (now in exchange for the tea, will you take 50 autographs?). I told him I just wanted two for now and the rest of 48, I will take later,”

Currently, MS Dhoni is performing brilliantly in the ongoing ODIs. In the first One Day Internationals, MS Dhoni went on to create some new records under his name. He took 5 catches in a single inning, and that was the first of it’s kind.

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