Gautam Gambhir Lashed Out On Dhoni For His Slow Performance

Gautam Gambhir, apart from his game is known for his straight-forward way of expressing his opinions and views about everything, especially about cricket.

Recently, after India lost the ODI tri-series to England cricket team, MS Dhoni has been receiving a lot of criticism for his performance lately. He became the target of trollers on social media because of his slow performance. He played alots of dot balls in the 2nd match of the ODI, Dhoni scored 37 runs in 59 balls, and in the 3rd match of the ODI, MS Dhoni scored 42 runs in 66 balls.

Gautam Gambhir lashed out on Dhoni in an interview and also blamed him for putting pressure on other batsmen. Criticizing Dhoni’s performance, Gautam Gambhir said :

“The way MS played in the last game and today as well, there has been a lot of dot balls. The way he is batting, at the moment, he is putting a lot of pressure on other batsmen as well.”

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Gautam Gambhir advised MS Dhoni to play less dot balls and be more proactive.He believes that the aggressiveness in MS Dhoni’s performance is missing. Gautam Gambhir also revealed that the reason behind the spill of Moen Ali and Adil Rashid, was the slow performance of MS Dhoni.

Talking about the same, Gautam Gambhir said :

“The spell which you have seen of Rashid and Moeen in both the games, a lot has to be  rubecause of the way MS batted”

Dhoni has been receiving a lot of criticism on social media, some of them are criticizing his age factor, while the others are asking to drop him from the squad.

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