Hardik Pandya And Rashid Khan Had A Striking Deal On Twitter And Their Conversation Is Trending

Krunal Pandya has been playing in a great form since pat few months. Although, his team, Mumbai Indians was eliminated early in this season of IPL. Recently, Krunal was picked up by the selectors of Indian cricket team for the A team’s tour to England.

Recently, in one of the matches against England Lions, Krunal Pandya had a surprise for the batsman. Krunal Pandya was seen doing some experiment with his bowling skills as he delivered a bouncer towards the right-handed batsman.

Krunal Pandya even uploaded a video on his social media and gave his fans a glimpse of his bowling skills. Here, have a look at the post :

The caption of the video read:
“Why should fast bowlers have all the fun? ????????”

Rashid Khan, the talented spinner of Afghanistan team was quick to spot the post, replied to Krunal Pandya’s tweet and he looks quite interested in trying it out. Here, have a look at what he replied :

The tweet read:
“Exactly we should work on it ????????????”

However, the conversation became hilarious as it moved ahead. Krunal Pandya had the best reply for Rashid Khan. Here, have a look :

The tweet read:
@rashidkhan_19 , yes we should. But let’s not bowl this to each other.
Deal? ???????? “

Rashid Khan accepted the challenge but came up with a hilarious twist. Here, have a look :

The tweet read:
Deal done [email protected] bro . Can we bowle to @hardikpandya7 Bro ????????”

Hardik Pandya accepted the challenge :

The tweet read:
“Challenge accepted! ????”

Rashid Khan was impressed with Hardik Pandya’s confidence. He tweeted :

The tweet read:
“That’s call All rounder @hardikpandya7 ????????????????”

Well it will be fun watching these spinners experimenting some new skills on the ground.

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