Hasin Jahan Filed Another Case On Mohammad Shami. He Is In Some Deep Troubles

Hasin Jahan Filed Another Case On Mohammad Shami. He Is In Some Deep Troubles

Mohammad Shami, the pacer of Indian cricket team has been surrounded by a lot of controversies since a long time now. The controversy has got many twists and turns to it, which is making the controversy more uglier these days.

Ever since Hasin Jahan, the wife of Mohammad Shami, slammed the cricketer publicly by making many allegations on the cricketer, right from accusing him for having extra-marital affairs to accusing him for attempting to murder. Hasin Jahan also went on to accuse him for match-fixing as well. She left no stone un-turned to turn the life of the cricketer upside down.

However, Shami was given a clear chit by the cricket board for having no involvement in match-fixing, after the investigations were done. But this didn’t stop Hasin Jahan from making the life of Mohammad Shami messier.

Now, Hasin Jahan has come up with another accusation on Mohammad Shami and has filed a case against him. Hasin Jahan had claimed that she received a cheque of INR 1 lakh rupees, however, the cheque has now bounced in the bank. And because of that Hasin Jahan wasn’t able to pay monthly expenses.

Hasin Jahan has filed a case in the court of Kolkata in which she had sought monthly maintenance of INR 10 Lakh.

Mohammad Shami has been going through a lot of mental stress in last six months and the results of which are clearly visible in his performance on the ground.

However, he has able to break into the 18-man squad for the first three Test matches against England.

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