Kuldeep Yadav Revealed That He Wants To Go On A Date With This Hot Bollywood Actress

Kuldeep Yadav, the young Chinaman of Indian cricket team, has created a lot of buzz on social media for the impeccable performances he has been giving, lately. In the latest One Day Internationals, Kuldeep Yadav gave an amazing performance and has been receiving accolades of praises and appreciation for his performance. He went on take four wickets in that match and restricted the England cricket team from scoring a big number at the score board.


Over all this time, Kuldeep Yadav has created a space for himself in the Indian cricket team wonderfully, courtesy to his mind-blowing performances that makes the top batsmen run for their money.

Kuldeep is a very different person than he looks like while he is on the field. His game might be a little aggressive but he is a very jolly person in real life. He is currently known for his ‘clean-bowled’ shots, but seems like someone has cleaned-bowled him and has made him go crazy for her looks.


Kuldeep Yadav is crazy for this actress and never miss her single movie. He says that he is her biggest fan. He is completely in awe of her beauty and good looks.


Well, the actress is none other than Jacqueline Fernandez. Yes, you read that right. Kuldeep  during one of his latest interviews, he was asked, if he got stranded on a deserted island, which actress he wished to take with him?


Kuldeep without thinking much, took the name of his favorite actress, Jacqueline Fernandez. Kuldeep Yadav revealed that he is a big fan of Jacqueline and is crazy for her.

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