Prize Money Won By The Winners Of FIFA World Cup And IPL Winners, The Difference Is Huge

Football and cricket are the two most loved and celebrated sports around the world. These two sports enjoys a huge following. However, nothing is bigger than the football world cup. The FIFA world cup is celebrated as the biggest festival.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has recently came to an end with France taking the cup home. France created a history and took the cup back home for the second time.


This time, the FIFA world cup turned out to be one of the most thrilling and interesting seasons with all the top teams getting eliminated much early in the season. France and Croatia, both the teams played extremely well and were the most entertaining sides in this season of FIFA World Cup.


However, the excitement among the fans started building up even before the finale as to know the prize money that will be distributed to the winning team. According to the sources, the Federation of FIFA World Cup decides the prize money that would later be distributed to the players of different teams.

Compared to last year, there was 40% increase in the total prize money. So, here, we bring you the prize money that were distributed to the players of different teams.

The winners of the tournament, France took home a whopping $38 million, i.e., Rs. 260 crores as their prize money.

The runner-ups, Croatia were awarded with  $28 million (Rs. 191 crores) as their prize money.

And to the rest of the teams, FIFA decided to split a total amount of $400 millions.


The prize money is huge and it is way, way higher than the prize money of Indian Premiere League. IPL is considered as the biggest sports event of India, where the top players from all around the world compete with each other on the Indian soil. Although, comparing these two tournaments isn’t apt, but why not?


While the the winning team of the FIFA World Cup 2018, i.e, France were awarded Rs. 260 crores, on the other hand, the winner of Indian Premiere League 2018, i.e, Chennai Super Kings were awarded Rs. 20 crores. The difference is of a whopping Rs.240 crores.

Talking about the runner-ups, while the runner-ups of FIFA World Cup 2018, i.e, Croatia were awarded Rs. 191 crores, on the other hand, the runner-ups of Indian Premiere League 2018, were awarded Rs. 12.5 crores. Here, the difference is of a whopping Rs. 178.5 crores.

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