Sourav Ganguly Revealed The Name Of The Most Valuable Cricketer After Virat Kohli

Rohit Sharma, or the Hitman Sharma as his fans calls him has been playing in a tremendous form, lately. In the first of three ODIs in Trent Bridge, Rohit Sharma set the ground on fire with his impeccable performance.

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian skipper is all praises for Rohit Sharma. He has even highlighted Rohit’s importance in the starting lineup as well atop the order. Talking about the class performance given by Rohit Sharma in the first ODI, Sourav Ganguly said :

“Class batting by Rohit. It was only time that would tell a different tale and Rohit has come out with some amazing innings. The timing of the shots, the sixes and when players like him stick on, they’ll go all the way. The difference between the two sides have been the top order batsmen,” 


Sourav Ganguly even went on to reveal that Rohit Sharma is the most valuable cricketer after Virat Kohli in the current Indian cricket team. Talking about the same, he said :

“In the limited-overs format, after Virat Kohli, the most valuable player has been Rohit. And I still believe that there’s enough time for Rohit to make a major impact in Test cricket. There’s a saying, ‘One afternoon makes somebody a hero’. One innings is all it takes,”

Sourav Ganguly even went on to praise Virat Kohli and he has full confidence on him that this time he will make a difference and make it big. He said :

“People keep stating that Virat hasn’t yet conquered England. There’s a huge difference between the him in the four years. He will make a century and leave. If you don’t get Dhawan, Rohit and Virat out early, you’re in deep trouble. They’re the backbone of the team and are absolute powerhouses,”

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