The Driver OF Indian Cricket Team Revealed How Suresh Raina’s Gesture Saved The Life Of His Wife

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Leading a life of a cricketer isn’t an easy thing, they have to undergo various training and fitness sessions to deliver great performances and maintain their space in the cricket team. Apart from all the physical and mental struggle, our cricketers had to stay away from home for most part of the year.

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Away from their family and friends, our cricketers bond with each other very well and also they find familiar faces in people outside of the field.

Recently, a video was posted by the official twitter handle of BCCI, which is something you can’t miss out. In the video, they introduced us to Team India’s bus driver for the England tour, Jeff Goodwin.

Jeff has been the driver for several international cricket teams over many years. In the video, he revealed the bond he shares with the Indian cricketers. Talking about the Indian cricketers, he said:

“I like the lads, there are all friendly. They are great to get on with but they are very disciplined. There is a changing way in cricket. In my times, it has changed so much.”


He also made some cheeky remarks for the Australian cricket team, he said :

“Australia will be drinking all the time after the game and staying inside the changing room till 2 am in the morning, but now, not as much,” 

Jeff has been driving the cricketers since many years. When asked he revealed that the current playing squad is the best, he said :

“This team, particularly India, have never known a cricket team as professional, come out after the game so fast. This team is the best one,” 

Amidst the interview, Jeff revealed how Suresh Raina once helped him by giving him his match shirt to auction off so as to garner money for his wife’s treatment. Jeff revealed that he can never forget Suresh Raina’s gesture of humanity and will always be grateful of him.

Jeff’s son is also in the same field and is a driver. Talking about his son, Jeff revealed :

“My son was driving the teams. He drove India and Tendulkar used to sit there (besides the driver) and he used to say your daddy is a big star. By the end of the tour, my son became a big star as well.”

Our Indian cricket team is the best team in the world, not just for what they are on the field but for what they are off-field as well.

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