This Voting App Is India’s Own Social Media

India, our country is known for it’s rich cultures, heritage, values and traditions. However, apart from all this, there’s this thing that makes India one of the best countries in the world. India is the largest democratic country in the world, the democratic feature makes India stand out from the rest of the world.


Our country has always stood for this, for our opinions. However, not just elections but our opinions and voice can bring in changes in every little and big thing. But for the face of polling needs to change, because the people of India don’t need to be told what they really value. They’ll speak for themselves and therefore, Votesters was created.

Through Votesters, the makers are trying to make people realize the value of the most valuable weapon of ours, vote, of our opinions on every small and big issues going around in the country, from various policies of government, latest technology, all the cricket related questions to the general questions related to movies and entertainment.


The key mandate that Votesters sets out to achieve is a conclusion to every vote. However big,small, banal or controversial; we are the platform that ends all arguments with the simple yet powerful quality of a vote.


Votesters also sets out to bring in a community to engage with one another, only through voting. Unlike the other social media platforms where we have seen putting opinions always leads to debates, which eventually result in hurting the sentiments of the others, Votesters gives you an opportunity to have a healthy discussion on many issues that matter, and for even the simplest of discussions.

You can join Votesters by installing the application of it in your phone. You can sign up following a few simple steps or you can also log in by using your facebook or twitter accounts.


The Votesters app is also available on playstore, you can install the app in your phone by  clicking here.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app because Ab Vote Karega India.

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