Ahead Of India Vs Pakistan Match, Sania Mirza Quits Social Media Because Of This Big Reason

Ahead Of India Vs Pakistan Match, Sania Mirza Quits Social Media Because Of This Big Reason

Today, one of the most awaited and excited match of the year will take place between the two rival countries, India and Pakistan. This is more like the biggest festival for the fans of cricket in both the countries. We all are very excited for the same and can’t wait to see our team perform well once again.

However, the India vs Pakistan match has always created a problem for Sania Mirza. She has always been bombarded by trolls and posts slamming her. The biggest tennis star of our country, is always on the gunpoint of the trollers whenever the two countries play against each other, because people just can’t accept the fact that she can still support India even if she is married to a Pakistani.

So, this doesn’t come as a surprise to us when she chose to sign out from her twitter account to stay away from the social media and all the negativity before the match. Just before a few hours from India vs Pakistan, Sania Mirza announced that she will be staying away from twitter.

Here, have a look at the tweet of Sania Mirza :

The tweet read:
“Soo less than 24hrs to go for this match,safe to sign out of social media for a few days since the amount of nonsense thts gonna b said here can make a ‘regular’ person sick ,let alone a pregnant one?Later guys!Knock yourselves out!BUT remember-ITS ONLY A CRICKET MATCH! Toodles!”

However, even after her tweet a few people were still trolling her. Here, have a look at some of the reactions :


But there were a few twitterati who came out in support for the tennis player, here have a look at the reactions :



Well, we think that was a very wise decision of Sania Mirza but also people should also understand and accept the fact that although she is married to a Pakistani cricketer but she has always supported India.

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