Matthew Hayden Talked About His Serious Injuries, Says ‘Shit Happens’

The complete cricketing world was left in the state of shock after the pictures of seriously injured former cricketer Matthew Hayden went viral on the internet. The former Australian cricketer lost his balance while surfing on a family holiday and sustained some serious injuries on his forehead.

Apart from the head injuries, in another post he also revealed that he has fractured his C6 while C4 and C5 ligaments are torn. Mathew Hayden took to his Instagram account and uploaded the pictures after his accident.The pictures are very heart wrenching and disturbing.

Recently, in the process of recovery he talked about his injuries and all the scans he was about to have. Sharing his feelings he said :

“Have specialist appointment tomorrow, ironically with the same dude when I last broke my lower back. Sweeping a cricket ball 22 years ago. Feel a bit silly as both then and now were just every day innocuous incident. Guess that’s where the expression, ‘Shit happens’ comes from.” 

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It’s always amazes me how your perspective of life changes over time. None more so then today. 15 years ago I was celebrating being the leading run scorer in Test Match Cricket History. Today I was filling out medical forms required for an additional CT scan of my cranium. 😱 Contrasting situations or what??? Funny thing is, whilst today was slightly more melancholic the celebration was arguably more significant. Today also had similarities to all those years ago. My wife Kellie was right by my side, my dearest friends and fans all over the world rooting for me including @bcl375400 (Thanks for your message buddy🙏) and the burning fight to relish the rest of my life. Thank you everyone for your love and support ❤️🤙 “The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow”.

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However, Matthew Hayden is very optimistic about his injuries. He used his funny sense of humor and said that he is loving this phase as he doesn’t have to do the household work. He said :

“Will let you know how things progress. In the meantime, at home I will be milking the injury for all it’s worth. No ironing, no hanging clothes on the line, no making beds…. hahahaha! I’m loving this list of not to dos and the best part, it’s all fully condoned by professionals.” 

Well, we really wish Matthew gets well really soon.

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