This Cricketer Is The Reason Behind Pakistan’s Hard Core Fan Chacha Bashir Donning Indian Jersey In Asia Cup Finale

MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the nicest and humblest person on and off the field. He has a huge fan following, millions of people treat him as their role-model and admire for the genius he is.


The former Indian skipper was a part of the winning Indian squad of Asian Cup. The fans also got to see him led the Indian cricket team in the game against Afghanistan. Although, he couldn’t leave a mark with his bat this time, but he gave his valuable inputs throughout the tournament and all thanks to his experience his experience worked in favor of the Indian cricket team .

However, this time MS Dhoni is in news for some other reasons. He was the man behind die-hard Pakistani fan, Mohammad Bashir sporting an India jersey on the night of the final.

Well, we are talking about none other than Bashir Chacha or Chacha Chicago, as his fans fondly calls him as. He is often spotted cheering for Pakistan on the stands but he maintains good relations with Indian players as well.


He left everyone in shock as he was seen donning an Indian jersey and cheering for Indian cricket team in the finale match against Bangladesh, where Indian cricket team won the tournament. He was also spotted dinning with MS Dhoni and Manish Pandey during the Asian Cup.

Recently, in an interview he revealed that it was MS Dhoni who himself went to his hotel and gifted him an Indian jersey. HE revealed :

“Raat barah baje, kamre ki bell hoti hai Hayat hotel mein. Door kholta hu, samne Dhoni sahab khade hue hai. Hum log same floor pe the. Unhone mujhe bola Chacha naya, brand-new. Aap yeh T-shirt pehen na,”

Which roughly translates to:
Someone knocked my door at 12’o clock in the night. When I opened the door, it was MS Dhoni himself at the door. We were on the same floor. He gave me a brand new T-shirt and asked me to wear it”

The jersey had MS Dhoni’s name imprinted on it and it was signed by MS Dhoni himself, it read :

“To chacha, Dhoni”

Here, have a look at the video :

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