Watch : Umpire Ian Gould Saying ‘Sorry’ To Jason Holder After A DRS Call

Men in blue won the complete series in the two-match Test series against West Indies. The Indian cricketers won the second Test against the visitors by a comprehensive margin of 10 wickets on the third day. There were many brilliant moments that happened in the match yesterday, however, one of them involved umpire Ian Gould.

Ever since the DRS, Decision Review System was introduced, the errors  have almost been eradicated from the game.The technology has been doing wonders for the cricketers as they now have an option to challenge the decision of the umpire.


While the umpires in the series are having a tough time with the DRS as their decisions were discarded, but this time during the DRS Gould’s decision turned out to be right and his gesture that followed, won everyone’s heart.

Well, the decision was rather a tight call and on watching the replay he realized that it could’ve gone either way.It was in the fifth over off the bowling of Jason Holder when this incident took place.

It happened in the first ball of the fifth over, when Prithvi Shaw ducked in to get under a short ball bowled by the Windies skipper. However, the ball didn’t rise up as much as Prthvi had expected and thus it hit his biceps while he ducked just in front of the stumps. The umpire Gould gave him  it to be not out.

The bowler, Jason Holder, in consultation with the keeper, decided to opt for DRS. The replays were played and it was realized that the margin was very short as the ball tracking system showed the ball to be clipping the top of middle-stump. Thus, it was given a ‘umpire’s call’  and thus, the on-field decision of not out wasn’t overturned.

After realizing how close it was, Umpire Gould apologized from Holder and was seen saying ‘sorry’. He was later seen explaining his decision to the Windies skipper. Holder took it lightly and the two shared a smile and talked it off.

Here, have a look at the video of the same :

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