Pat Cummins Trolled Himself After Twitterati Trolled Him For His Hilarious Reaction To David Miller’s Exit

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A picture of Australian cricketer, Pat Cummins has been making rounds on the internet for all the hilarious reasons. In the picture, he can be seen starring in a sheepish manner while David Miller was dismissed off the field.

In the match against South Africa, Australia had requested a Decision Review System, which ended up in favor of Australia. Pat Cummins kept staring at the screen and it took him a few moments to realize that what had actually happened.

As soon as Pat Cummins immediately became the subject of numerous trolls, with even his team members giving their bits. The complete social media is filled will hilarious reactions on Cummins reactions.

Here, have a look at the reaction of Cummins :

Twitterati trolled Cummins left and right for his hilarious reactions. Here, have a look at the hilarious reactions of twitterati on this :


However, the best one came from Pat Cummins himself. Yes, you read that right. Pat Cummins trolled himself. Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
“When you lose credit card Roulette at dinner…”

Well, we just loved his reaction and how sportingly he took all this.

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