Watch : Rashid Khan Does An MS Dhoni, Steals The Show With The Helicopter Shot

If there’s one thing that we just can’t get enough of is MS Dhoni and his helicopter shots.  There have been so many brilliant matches when MS Dhoni and his helicopter shots have saved the day for the team.


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His helicopter shots brings a wave of happiness on millions of his fans. So many young aspiring cricketers regards MS Dhoni as their mentor and role-model and seems like Rashid Khan is one among the many.

Recently, on Wednesday in the T10 League clash against Pakhtoons for Maratha Arabians, Rashid Khan left everyone stunned with his mesmerizing finishing abilities. However, what took everyone with surprise was that his finishing shot was a ‘Helicopter Shot’.


Yes, Rashid Khan did a MS Dhoni at the T10 League. It was a Mohammad Irfan delivery and Rashid Khan decided to emulate MS Dhoni, the greatest finisher ever, unleashing a ‘Helicopter Shot’ for six! The ball, just like MS Dhoni has done several times, went on to hit the roof.

Here, watch the video of Rashid Khan hitting a helicopter shot :

The tweet read:
?????? #Helicopters #Inventer @msdhoni Bhai ?????? @T10League @MarathaArabians”

Amazing isn’t it? Well, we just can’t get enough of this shot.

Twitter was soon flooded with comments and tweets, applauding Rashid Khan’s shot. From cricketers to fans, everyone appreciated the shot. It was a huge nostalgia for the fans of MS Dhoni.

Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted to the helicopter shot of Rashid Khan :


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