IPL 2019 : This Cricketer Looses His Cool After Auctions And Used The Cuss Word On Twitter

The most anticipated and waited Auctions for IPL 2019 went on floors yesterday and it resulted in many surprising events. While it turned out to be great for many cricketers, a few were left disappointed.


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Sheldon Jackson, Saurashtra’s wicketkeeper-batsman, seemed really frustrated with the auctions. While many unknown commodities raked in some big dosh, brilliant players from the domestic circuit went unnoticed.

This scenario at the auctions disappointed him and therefore, he took to his twitter and posted a series of tweets expressing his disappointment with the auction. He even went on to use the cuss word in his tweet.

Here, have a look at the first tweet :


i cant believe what i am seeing seriously”

Then, there were three tweets that followed. In the second tweet, he wrote ‘wtf’ (What the f***). Then, in the other tweet, “seriously man wtf is happening,” he further tweeted.



In his last tweet, Sheldon came up with the example of of his teammate Dhamendra Jadeja, who has been bringing out some terrific performances day in and day out in the domestic performance. Dharmendra had picked up 35 wickets thus far, which included one hattrick but wasn’t even considered for the IPL auctions this time.

He also wanted to highlight how it has now become very important it is to play in T20 leagues and then there he put up the name of Varun Chakravarthy who has been bought as the most expensive player this time.

Here, have a look at the tweet of Sheldon’s last tweet :


The tweet read:
A big applause to all the state associations who have their own leagues .varun chakravarthy a big example, and players like dharmendra jadeja who day in and do out perform in the domestic circuit but goes unnoticed after taking a hatrick with 35 wickets”

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