Ricky Ponting Makes Some Big Statements About Virat Kohli, As He Gives Advice To Australian Bowlers

All eyes are on the skipper of Indian cricket team for the upcoming Test series against the Australians. Infact, he has already become a reason for stress and left the Australians cricket experts and pundits talking about him.

Recently, the former fast bowler of Australian cricket team, Jason Gillespie urged the bowlers of Australian cricket team to “make Virat Kohli earn every run”.

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting

Now after his statements, the former Australian batsman, Ricky Ponting has come further and made some big statements for Virat Kohli. He had some advices for the Australian cricket team ahead of the big Test series.

Ricky Ponting advised the Australian bowlers, that it is only by using their skills they can ‘unsettle’ Kohli and also the rest of the team. He said :

“The great Australian teams that I played in always had a few words to say, but it was always on the back of some good, hostile bowling first. You can’t do it (verbals) without it – it’s just rubbish otherwise. You have to be able to impose yourself on the game in a way other than using your mouth. You’ve got to use your actions and your skills and if they do that, then they can definitely unsettle him,” 


Talking about cornering Virat Kohli during the upcoming series, Ricky Ponting suggested techniques to the Australian bowlers, he said :

If the ball is not moving, he’s going to be really hard to get out. With someone like him who likes to score freely, he’s obviously got a big ego but there’s other things you can do. You can put a few fielders out (on the boundary) early on, don’t let him get any boundaries. Maybe don’t go as aggressive at him early on. Try to bowl lots of tight, consistent stuff. He likes to run the ball down to third man a lot as well, so maybe just play around with some guys in different areas which might just get inside his head as to what we’re trying to do“.


Well, now that’s seems like a plan but King Kohli is all set to break all the plans and records. With all eyes on him, the fans are anxiously waiting for the series to start and things seems to be in favor of the Men in Blue with the absence of their star players, David Warner and Steve Smith.

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