These Adorable Pictures Of MS Dhoni Tying The Laces Of Sakshi’s Shoes Are Giving Us Some Major Couple Goals

MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni, one of the most adorable and loved couples, who never fails to leave their fans in awe of them. Thanks to the biopic of MS Dhoni, that we all know the adorable love story of them both.


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The couple have now been married since 8 years, but the couple still looks new in love and are time and again giving us some major couple goals. Their instagram posts are something that are way too cute and you just can’t miss them.

MS Dhoni, who is admired by millions of fans both on the field and off it. He is known for his humility and down-to-earth nature, but the recent picture of MS Dhoni, which is posted by his wife on the instagram, proves that he is the most perfect husband as well.


Well, recently Sakshi Dhoni posted an adorable picture of MS Dhoni where he’s helping her wear a new pair of shoes. Normally, a lot of people will feel embarrassed to do that in public but that’s not the case with our captain cool.

Here, have a look at the picture of Sakshi Dhoni and MS Dhoni, giving us some major couple goals :


The caption of the post read:
You paid for the shoes so you tie them tooo ?? !!! Photo Credit – @k.a.b.b.s

Here, have a look at the pictures in the post :

DummMwuWoAAAbHG DummMwrW0AEwxyI (1)

Later, Sakshi Dhoni posted another picture, where MS Dhoni is seen tying a bracelet on Sakshi’s wrist. Here, have a look at the adorable picture of the couple :


The caption of the post read:
You paid for the band so you screw it too ?? #Round2 Photo credits @k.a.b.b.s

Aren’t these the most adorable pictures on the internet today? Well, MS Dhoni is surely raising the bar for the men.

What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments below.

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