A Twitter User Posted A Thread That Exposes ‘Shady’ Incidents Featuring Pakistani Cricketers

A Twitter user Waqas Ahmed posted a very interesting thread of tweets in which he shared some of the most ‘shady’ incidents featuring Pakistani cricketers. The thread has already gone viral and many cricket fans from across the world are amazed by some of the clips as there is clearly something shady about these incidents.


The Cricket Lounge doesn’t want to imply anything which is not stated but for cricket fans it is surely worth a watch. See here:

NOTE: There are 10 videos in the thread that we have shared below. Watch all of these 10 clips.

1) How did Kamran let that one go?

2) WTF?

3) Kamran Akmal does it again

4) In and out!

5) How could he drop that?

6) What happened to Wasim Akram there?

7) Huh?

8) Take a bow, Rahman 😀

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