Here’s What Kane Williamson Has To Say About The Controversial ‘Overthrow’ Rule

It was an unfortunate day for the New Zealand cricket team as even after giving their best, they couldn’t get their hands on the cup. The final game between England and New Zealand turned out to be one of the most thrilling matches in the history of the world cup.

England cricket team won their maiden cup as they defeated New Zealand on the basis of more boundaries at Lord’s. The game that ended up in a tie led to the first-ever super-over in the world cup. 15 runs were needed from the super over, but, the Super Over also ended up in a tie and thus England win on more boundaries.


Kane Williamson, the skipper of New Zealand cricket team, had a stellar campaign. There were times when he fought alone like a wolf and took his team to the winning sides. He finished the tournament with 578 runs, becoming the player to score the most number of runs as World Cup captain. He took away the Prestigious player of the tournament’s trophy, that he deserved the most.

After the match, Kane Williamson got candid in the post-match interview, where he was asked many things about the final match and his journey in this tournament.


On being asked about the controversial overthrow rule, Kane Williamson came up with a very touching reply, he said:

It was a little bit of a shame, wasn’t it? It’s, unfortunately, the sort of game we play, this sort of thing happens from time to time, you just hope it doesn’t happen in moments like that. It’s pretty tough, but it probably wasn’t going to be for us.

That rule has been in place for a long time, so we don’t really need to (change anything about it)”

When he was asked about the ICC rule of going by the boundaries in the super over, he said:

“It’s not a question I thought would be asked, and it’s not a question I thought I would have to answer.”

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Kane Williamson won everyone’s heart with his cool personality. On being asked how he is maintaining his cool at that moment, he said:

“Laugh or cry are your two choices. We are not angry (that it ended this way), just disappointed…. lot of uncontrollables about this game.”


Kane Williamson talked about the overall performance of his team and accepted the fact that the Kiwis are devastated with the results. He said:

“It has been challenging, the pitches have been a bit different to what we expected, there was a lot of talk about 300-plus scores, but we haven’t seen many of those, it was a tough fight, and I want to thank our side, the New Zealand side, as well for the fight they showed this whole campaign on some tough wickets, showed a huge amount of heart to get us to this stage, a tie in the final, it just wasn’t going to be today. We have a really well-balanced attack, with so many parts to it, the guys are shattered at the moment – it was obviously very devastating – but their performance throughout the tournament was at such a high level, gave us every opportunity to go on. Pretty tough to swallow at this stage but a fantastic effort from our guys.”

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