7 Times Sourav Ganguly Proved He Is The Real DADA Of Cricket

Modest, brave and transparent, these are the qualities that millions of people love Sourav Ganguly, apart from his amazing cricketing skills. From celebrating like a champion to giving fans some of the most epic moments on the field to cherish forever, Sourav Ganguly will always remain the most bindaas cricketer ever.

There is and there will never be a cricketer like Sourav Ganguly and here are seven instances that prove that Sourav Ganguly is the real DADA of cricket :

1 When Sourav Ganguly trolled Ricky Ponting¬†during the toss by calling ‘head-tail’, and actually got away with it.

2. In 2001 Sourav Ganguly deliberately reached late for one during Australia’s tour of India. Recently, Ganguly revealed the reason and admitted that he came late on purpose¬†because Australian coach¬†John Buchanan had rudely asked former Indian cricketer, Javagal Srinath as to why he was coming out of the field in one of the matches. And when Srinath told about the same to Ganguly, he made sure the revenge was taken.


3. Talking of revenge, how can one forget the¬†iconic moment when Dada swung his shirt from the Lord’s balcony. Revealing the reason behind the epic moment, Sourav
Ganguly revealed that he removed his shirt to seek revenge from Andrew Flintoff, who took off his shirt at Wankhede earlier and it was unacceptable to him that someone would disrespect the country in such a way.


4. Dada being savage on and off the field. Once Nasser Hussain tried to poke him with a joke on the Indian football team while doing commentary in one of the matches and got a burn in return. The conversation that took place at the commentary box went on like this:

Nasser: When can I see India in the FIFA World Cup?

Ganguly: If India had played football for 50 years, then we would have qualified for the finals at least once.
5. When it comes to being savage, no one does it better than our Dada. Once Ravi Shastri¬†asked him, “Is there a Ganguly pavilion or Ganguly stand in Eden Gardens?” And Sourav Ganguly said “The ground belongs to Ganguly.”
Sourav Ganguly
6. Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, two of the most dedicated cricketers shared lots of iconic moments on the field that reflected their strong bond. Talking about one such moment, Sachin Tendulkar revealed how when he was¬†once hit by a Shoaib Akhtar delivery on the ribs and Ganguly kept telling him,¬†‘tu champion hai re’.¬†
Sachin, who was withering in pain, had to request him to stop.¬†“Shhh.. Just let me recover”.
7. Sourav Ganguly’s aggression reflected in everything that he did on and off the field. Once journalist Rajdeep Sardesai questioned him about the Greg Chappell controversy, he had asked¬†“Does Greg Chappell owe an apology to Indian cricket? To Sachin Tendulkar, to Sourav Ganguly, to Dravid?”.¬†To which Dada came up with an aggressive warning, he said: “He can call up Tendulkar or Dravid. But he dare not dial my number. If he is hearing this on TV, he dare not call Sourav Ganguly.”
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