MS Dhoni Gets Candid, Reveals The Secret Behind Being ‘Captain Cool’

Best known for his cool as cucumber personality, there’s no denying to the fact that MS Dhoni is one of the most brilliant minds on the ground. He is the most successful captain the country has ever produced. There have been very few incidents when MS Dhoni lost his cool.

One such incident happened recently during the IPL 2019 when MS Dhoni lost his cool and went back onto the turf to protest the umpire’s decision over calling a no-ball.


Recently, MS Dhoni was asked whether he is really as ‘cool’ as people think he is and how he controls his emotions. To which Dhoni replied that he also gets frustrated, angry and disappointed at times. However, at the same time, he is also aware of the fact that frustration is not something “constructive”. Speaking at an event recently, Dhoni said:

“I also feel the irritation if things do not go our way. But its all about how do you channelize that. It is about whether the frustration was leading to something wrong for the team. I feel equally emotional I feel angry at times I feel disappointed but what is important is none of these are constructive. What needs to be done at the moment is more important than any of these emotions. I am just like everyone else but I just control my emotions slightly better than some of the other individuals,” 


Talking about his professional front, MS Dhoni is currently out of action and has not played in the last two international series against the West Indies and South Africa. He is also set to miss the upcoming series against Bangladesh. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the captain cool back on the field again.

Unnati Madan

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