Twitterati Can’t Stop Trolling Ravi Shastri After Fans Spot His Lookalike At Baseball Game

Ravi Shastri, the head coach of the Indian cricket team, is the favorite of the netizens and memers online, who never misses out on any opportunity to troll him for any reason. Shastri has been trolled on a plethora of instances.

From trolling him for getting caught while sleeping during an important match to his recent “bhad me gayi pitch” jibe, Ravi Shastri always ends up becoming the meme material for the netizens.

However, after receiving a lot of heat for taking a nap in the dressing room during the recently concluded third Test against South Africa, Ravi Shastri finally opened up about the trolls. He said that he never cares about what people say. He said:

“Enjoy, Enjoy….I don’t care what people say. I don’t miss a single ball.”

Meanwhile, a picture of Ravi Shastri’s lookalike has been making rounds on the internet. On Twitter, a picture of what looks like a doppelganger of Ravi Shastri has been going viral and has become a perfect meme material for the fans.

The creative minds on twitter took this as yet another opportunity to take a dig at the Indian head coach. Here, check out the most hilarious memes on the internet :


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