5 Cricketers Who Can Change The Match With Their Fielding

With less than 11 months for the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia, the 16 teams are trying to play as many 20 over games as possible. Batsmen are looking to score quick runs and the bowlers have been bowling tight lines to make a case for their selection. With the IPL just before the tournament, every player will have an opportunity to prove his mettle.

There have been close games, with teams winning by a very small margin. The 2019 World Cup finals, where New Zealand and England engaged in a close contest clearly demonstrated the importance of every run. Runs are not only about batsmen scoring them but are also about fielders fighting hard to save as many as possible. “Every run saved is a run scored” goes the saying for the quick and fit fielders these days.

Remember where M.S.Dhoni placed the utmost importance on fielding and let several veterans go, on the basis of their poor fielding performance. Or the recent catch Santner took one-handedly. As the importance of this skill of the game is increasing day by day, let us examine the 5 best fielders in world cricket currently.

1) Ravinder Jadeja:


Jaddu has been India’s fielding mainstay. He can have a bad day with the bat or ball but never missed on run-outs. His speed and technique make this bowling all-rounder a special asset to the team.

Countless are the times when Jadeja provides a breakthrough without even bowling a ball. His blazing fast throw is something he has a copyright on. If someone can cover the distance between mid-on and mid-off in a blink, it is Ravinder Jadeja.

2) Ben Stokes:


Ben Stokes is not only a stupendous all-rounder but also a powerful athlete. His speed and reflexes are difficult to match. Ben has gives a wholesome package to the English side, owing to which they also successfully won the 2019 title.

The attribute that makes him such a great fielder is his dedication and awareness. Ben sees the ball rushing and in no time gets to it. His brilliant catching abilities are no new knowledge.

3) Kieron Pollard:


The West Indies captain is all set to tour India from the 6th of December 2019. Apart from the hard-hitting we expect, he may also present some delicious fielding. Pollard’s a tall man and can grab any flying ball.

Batsmen do time the ball well and expect an elegant six before Kieron jumps in between to take another extraordinary catch. He is also quick on his feet and tames all his throws perfectly.

4) Faf Du Plessis:


The South African was one of the few good fielders in the CSK side. A batsman cannot nudge a ball towards him for a quick run. Faf is fast and never takes his eyes off the ball.
Although he is not a very hailed fielder definitely is a genius in this category. Du Plessis also makes an excellent slip fielder in test matches.

5) David Warner:


If every catch taken in the deep positions earned a dollar, Warner would be a millionaire by now. The Australian doesn’t only score plethora runs with his bat but also saves many running around on the field.

It is difficult to match Warner’s one-handed pick up throws. He hits the bull eye most of the time. You will not see Warner take extraordinary catches but he is a pair of hands the captain can completely trust on.

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