Gautam Gambhir Blames MS Dhoni For Missing His Hundred In The Final Of World Cup 2011

The finale of World Cup 2011 is still fresh in the minds of every cricket fan. Gautam Gambhir’s thumping knock of 97 runs and MS Dhoni’s brilliant 91 runs took India to the victory side. Remembering the winning sixer from MS Dhoni’s bat still gives us goosebumps.


There’s no denying the fact that MS Dhoni is one of the most successful captains around the world. He took the Indian cricket team to the number 1 position. It was under him that the Indian cricket team won all the three ICC trophies including the 2011’s World Cup.

While the cricketers around the world draw inspiration from the legendary captain, former cricketer Gautam Gambhir’s equation with MS Dhoni isn’t that good.

Recently, Gautam Gambhir riled up some of the MS Dhoni fans by calling his rotational policy during the 2012 CB series in Australia ‘crap’. But his recent statements on MS Dhoni will definitely leave his and Dhoni’s fans agitated.


Gautam Gambhir has now blamed MS Dhoni for him missing his century in the 2011 World Cup. Talking about what happened when he was on 97, he said:

I have been asked this question many times, on what happened when I was on 97. I tell every youngster and every person that before getting to 97, I never thought about my own individual score but looked at the target set by Sri Lanka. I remember that when an over was completed, I and Dhoni were at the crease. He told me that ‘these three runs are remaining, get these three runs and your hundred would be completed’.”

He added:

Suddenly, when your mind turns to your individual performance, individual score, then, somewhere, you have a rush of blood. Before this moment, my target was only to chase Sri Lanka’s target. If only that target remained in my mind, maybe, I would have easily scored my hundred,”


Gautam Gambhir feels that Dhoni reminding him of his milestone made him get anxious and eventually made him lose his wicket. He said:

That’s why… till I was on 97, I was in the present, but as soon as I thought, I am three runs away from getting a hundred, then that rush of blood caused by the desire to get to a hundred (took over). That’s why it’s so important to remain in the present… when I was walking back to the dressing room after being dismissed, I said to myself that these three runs would trouble me for the rest of my life and that is true. Even to this day, people ask me why I couldn’t get those three runs.

While MS Dhoni won the Man of the Match award for his blockbuster performance in the match, incidentally, Gambhir’s contribution was pushed in the back.

Gautam Gambhir’s statements have angered the fans of MS Dhoni, who are now slamming him left and right. Here, check out the reactions of twitterati:


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