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Karthik Gave A Befitting Reply To A Fan Who Asked Dada To Remove Him And Sanjay Manjrekar

As team India emerged victorious in the just-concluded Test series between India and Bangladesh, the commentators in the expert panel made headlines for getting involved in a heated argument on-air.


While the energy was at its peak as India was heading towards the win, Harsha Bhogle and Sanjay Manjrekar got involved in banter while talking about the visibility of the pink balls and this is when things got out of control. The heated argument started when Harsha Bhogle opined that consulting the players should be the best option to get the views on the pink ball.

What happened during the short discussion about the pink ball has become the talk of the town. Netizens just can’t stop slamming and lashing out on Sanjay for the way he talked to Harsha Bhogle. From calling him arrogant to requesting BCCI’s new President Sourav Ganguly to end his commentary contract, people are leaving no stone unturned to slam him.


Amidst all the slamming, one of the twitter users came up with the idea of pitching the ouster of Manjrekar from the panel of experts. Another user added that Murali Kartik’s name in the list of commentators that should be removed. He wrote:

“Plead dada @SGanguly99 to add @kartikmurali  to the list too. Absolutely pathetic”

Here, check out the tweet:

Murali Kartik was quick to shut down the troller by giving a savage response to him. He wrote:

“Good one”

Here, check out his tweet:

Twitterati loved the savage reply from Murali Kartik. Here, check out the reactions of twitterati on this:

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