Pak Actress Asked Jimmy To Be ‘Daddy’ Of Her Future Kids, He Gave A Hilarious Reply

From a fan’s adorable interaction with Zaheer Khan during a match through the camera to Danielle Wyatt asking Virat Kohli to marry her, over all these years, we have seen some crazy female fans who have made headlines for their crazy love towards their favorite cricketers.

Recently, another crazy fan left everyone in splits when she took to her twitter to express her admiration for the all-rounder of New Zealand, James Neesham aka Jimmy Neesham. The all-rounder is very much active on social media and is known for his sense of humor and witty replies.

However, his recent reply to the proposal of Pakistani fan who also happens to be a Pakistani actress, Sehar Shinwari surpassed all his tweets. Well, Shinwari is currently working in Pashto channel Avt Khyber. She recently commented on Jimmy Neesham’s one of the tweets.

It was the hilarious and flirtatious way she proposed her love to the all-rounder, which stole all the limelight on social media. Sehar asked Neesham in a very flirty way if he would like to be the father of her future kids. She wrote:

“Jimmy would you like to be daddy of my future kids 😉😜”

Here, have a look at the tweet of the Pakistani fan:

The all-rounder was quick to understand the sarcasm behind the tweet. He took no time in understanding that the actress was joking. But he continued the flirt and replied in the same manner. He jokingly wrote that Shinwari could have done much better by not adding the emojis at the end. He wrote:

I really feel like the emojis were unnecessary”

Here, have a look at the tweet:

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